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NYC Dog Training Services

Doggie Academy offers both NYC group dog training classes and private dog training lessons.

Group Dog Training Classes

Classes held at Brooklyn Dog Training Center (168 7th St., between 2nd & 3rd Aves.) include:

  • Puppy Parties
  • Puppy Fundamentals
  • Basic Manners
  • Intermediate Manners - About Town
  • CGC - Canine Good Citizen
  • Leash Aggression Workshop
  • Loose Leash Walking Workshop
  • Rocket Recalls
  • Dogs Behaving Badly
  • Intro to Agility
  • Beginner Agility
  • Weaves & Teeters
  • and much more!

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Private Dog Training Lessons

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All private lessons are tailored to you & your dog and are not limited to behaviors listed below.
  • Puppy Care
    Including House/Paper/Crate Training, Feeding & Socialization
  • Puppy Manners
    Including Jumping, Chewing, Biting, Barking & Intro to Leash Walking
  • Basic Obedience
    Including Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Off, Leave It, Drop It, Leash Walking & House Training
  • Behavior Issues
    Including Separation Anxiety, Leash Aggression & other behavior issues
  • Advanced Obedience & Tricks
    Including Roll Over, Shake, Sit Pretty, Bow & Intro to Agility
  • Canine Good Citizen Preparation & Testing
    Train specifically to take & pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen exam
  • Walk & Train
    Trainer & dog work one-on-one during 1/2 hour or hour long walks
  • Tutoring
    One-one-one lessons for doggie with Sarah in 1/2 hour or hour long sessions
  • Recess
    Socialization, exercise & play dates in 1/2 hour or hour long outings
  • Pre-pet Consultations
    Including Breed Selection, Shelter vs. Breeder, Puppy vs. Adult & Temperament Testing
  • Phone/E-mail Consultations
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Basic Obedience Dog Training

Agility Dog Training

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Agility Dog Training

Dog training - private lessons

Agility Weaving

Agility Weaving


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